Flexibility creates nearly 300 jobs at Norfolk insurance brokers

By Gavin Hill, Manager, Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux and motorbike arm Bikesure are providing another monumental jobs boost to Norfolk with their latest recruitment drive.

The specialist motor insurance brokers – with offices in East Winch, Norwich and North Lynn – have enjoyed record-breaking sales figures since introducing a flexible staff-led way of working for their phone-based staff in November 2021.

As a result of continued growth plans, the West Norfolk companies are recruiting 275 new staff in preparation for an even busier 2024.

Adrian Flux manager Gavin Hill explains, “As our name and offering continues to spread far and wide, it was inevitable we would gain more enquiries and customers than ever.

“With the growth of working from home, we have been able to continue to recruit nationally… which we started to do in 2021 for the first time in our 50-year history.

“It’s been an exciting time, but the beating heart of our company remains here in Norfolk. Staff don’t need to come into our office and can work remotely, but we find many enjoy the connection of working for a local brand they know that has proud family roots.

“Our offices remain open for those who like to work around others and while it doesn’t suit all, we know it remains an appealing option for people – especially those who are training and want to enjoy the social nature of working for a company like ours.”

Adrian Flux was recognised for its progressive employer practices after picking up Best Flexible Working Policy and Best Culture Transformation Initiative trophies at the UK Company Culture Awards 2023.

The pioneering approach of bosses handing almost complete flexibility over how many hours, and when, their employees work was hailed by judges for having a “tremendous impact on the organisation and its employees”.

The flexi approach has seen an overall decrease in absence of over 50%. For instance, Adam Green, who works for Bikesure, can split his working day/week for a better work-life balance – as long as the minimum number of allotted hours are completed.

“With flexi hours, if I decide I’m having a bad morning I can switch off for half an hour and come back on the phone and work the rest of the day,” Mr Green said.

“Or I can just choose to have the rest of the day off and make up the hours over the next couple of days. I feel like it benefits my mental health because purely when you have a 9-5 job or have specific hours that you’re supposed to work, your mind takes over.

“Because I’m able to do my hobbies outside of work it means my whole anxiety levels are completely down. It definitely makes your personal life feel freer.”

Flux and Bikesure, the largest parts of the Adrian Flux Insurance Group, now employ more than 1,250 people across all their brands with Mr Hill hailing the introduction of flexible working as a “gamechanger” when it comes to retaining existing staff.

That growth is also mirrored by an increase in commercial revenue. June and July 2023 hold first and second positions in Flux’s 50-year history for their best-ever monthly sales performance – a record that has been consistently broken since flexible working was introduced.

Mr Hill added: “Our tagline is ‘Insurance for the Individual’ but now our staff can operate within a job for the individual. Both should stand us in good stead for years to come as we look to expand further and become known across all parts of the UK.”


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