Game-changing an industry

Punting in Cambridge has been around since the early 1900s and in recent years has morphed into a thriving industry, boosting income for many local businesses.

Enter Rutherford’s, the newest punting company in the UK and, starting from scratch, Emma Wynne has built an amazing brand in the face of strong competition.

This is no small feat as in two years, Rutherford’s have pushed the whole industry to up their standards, partnering with local businesses to share success and landing the number one spot on TripAdvisor. Rutherford’s are accredited with the VisitEngland quality assured visitor attraction marque and were the first punting company to gain an alcohol licence to create a Champagne Punting Experience for their customers.

How has this been achieved in such a short time? The brand was created from the start to focus around customer experience. Each Rutherford’s service is designed around the desires of the target audience, prioritising experience first.

Cambridge is a natural hub for startups and innovators, and boasts possibly the most famous university in the world. The beauty of the city is something straight from a fairy tale.

If you’re looking for a day out locally, then heading to Cambridge to see for yourself could add new ideas to your future strategies. Try out Rutherford’s shared tour punting experience, the bread and butter of the Cambridge tourism industry, and see for yourself the difference customer experience focus can make. It’s no hardship as you’ll also get to see the world-famous College Backs, admire King’s famous chapel, appreciate St John’s very own Bridge of Sighs, puzzle over the Mathematical Bridge and more.


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