Genomics Centre of Excellence opens in Cambridge

The city’s booming biotech sector has welcomed a new addition.

Revvity, Inc. – specialists in life sciences and diagnostics – have opened a centre focusing on genomic insights for drug discovery and development.

Genomics is the study of human genes and chromosomes, which looks at a person’s genetic makeup to create a personalised healthcare plan rather than take a ‘one size fits all approach’.

According to Revitty, the new facility “supports the Company’s fundamental commitment to expanding boundaries in pursuit of a better future for human health”.

Vice president Bryan Kipp says, “We’re entering a new age of drug discovery, with biological complexity and the development of diagnostic tools to help identify, monitor, and diagnose patients, becoming increasingly important in the creation of novel therapeutics.

“Our newly minted Scientific Centre of Excellence in Cambridge will bring our technology and expertise even closer to scientists in the UK and Europe, and accelerate our aim to help them translate genomic, protein, and cellular insights into action, to ultimately save lives.”

The Cambridge site offers cell line engineering and screening services to enhance drug development.

It also focuses on novel products, such as molecular reference standards, and tools to simplify the production of improved therapeutics or new therapeutic approaches – including cell lines for bioproduction purposes and a gene editing platform.

There is also a new lab to help Revvitty showcase their portfolio to scientists and experience first-hand how technology can transform  scientific insights.

The 30,000 sq./ft facility employs approximately 200 people and is easily accessible from the major UK and European biotech clusters.

Chris Hughes, Managing Director North Europe, Revvity, adds, “We are thrilled to be part of the UK’s life sciences industry through our Scientific Centre of Excellence and top expertise in Cambridge. By harnessing the wealth of talent in the local ecosystem, we are not only contributing to UK’s economy and life sciences industry, but we are also expanding human potential through science, bringing to life Revvity’s purpose.”

Revvity provides health science solutions, technologies, expertise and services from discovery to development, and diagnosis to cure.

The company’s UK presence also includes a diagnostics facility in Oxford, from where it delivers the only regulated ELISPOT assays for T cell measurement with approval around the world, and its tuberculosis tests (used by the NHS as an aid in the diagnosis of the infection); the company’s global Centre of Excellence for life sciences instrument manufacturing, in Wales; an immunodiagnostics site in Boldon; and a genomics sequencing lab in Alderley Park.

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