How to jet off in safety and comfort

The time has come to get back in the air, to get back out into the world, reconnect with customers, family and friends, and kick-start the economy after many months of lockdown.

You may think it’s not just as simple as booking a flight, heading to the airport and jetting off. Now you will also want to take Covid-19 into consideration and ensure that any journey you take is as low risk as possible, for you, your loved ones and business contacts.

That’s where smaller, regional airports, like Cambridge City Airport, come into their own. We’ve always been known for our friendly, tailored, customer-focused service, great destinations and superb charter flights and now you can add strict anti-Covid safety measures to that list too.

When we redesigned our FBO last year we wanted to make it as quick and convenient as possible, so you can go from our front door to your flight with the minimum of disruption.

That is even more essential during and post-pandemic, when you want to minimise contact as you progress through the airport to your personal charter flight.

Unlike commercial airports and airlines, here there are no queues. We check your bags immediately you enter our FBO at Cambridge Jet Centre, where you’ll find hand sanitiser, and friendly staff wearing masks and socially distancing.

Then you can head straight through security screening to the comfortable lounge, where the same measures are in place.

Chartering a private jet or helicopter is more cost-effective than you might imagine, and with pandemic safety measures in place, including state-of-the-art air purification equipment that helps minimise infection, makes more sense than ever.

Add to that the list of destinations we fly to, those on the UK Government’s list of countries and territories in the UK’s travel corridor, so you can go there and back without having to self-isolate.

That’s not just convenient, it also saves valuable time and money, and takes the stress and strain out of jetting off, whether for business or pleasure.

We are already seeing more than 100 per cent increase in demand in the last two months from customers who appreciate the efficiency of being able to head off to Europe for meetings and jet back the same day with the minimum of disruption – few contact points, maximum cleansing opportunities and no self-isolation requirements.

If that is not convenient enough, there is the added benefit of being just a few meters from our secure car park or taxi drop off, thereby saving even more time and further reducing the risk of exposure to infection.

We also offer state-of-the-art business facilities, so if you have to work, you can do so in safety and comfort.

We partner with Weston Aviation and Apollo Air Services, who offer an extensive charter service for individuals or business. If you would like any further information, please contact them on
+ 44 (0)845 050 6500 or email to receive a quote.

Check out some of our prices for your Leisure or Business Aviation. For a little getaway, you can travel to Europe for as low as £5,300!

Jersey – £6,000
Guernsey – £6,000
Amsterdam – £5,300
Paris – £6,800
Berlin – £7,800
Dublin – £8,300
Cork – £7,200
Isle of Man – £6,200
Milan – £8,700
Venice – £11,500

Madrid – £11,800

Note: These prices are based on a King Air aircraft and includes up to seven passengers. Weston Aviation would look at entry level jets and above for the longer journeys and you will receive a personalised quote.

We are looking forward to the future of the aviation industry. Being flexible and adaptable, while maintaining the safety of passengers, is vital to regaining the confidence of those who want and need to travel.

These are just some of the many benefits of travelling through our award winning top regional airport.

Your comfort and safety is our top priority.

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