Intelligencia Training launches webinar for Counter Fraud Investigators

Webinar: How can we ensure that Counter Fraud investigators are competent & able to conduct investigations with integrity & credibility?

Date & Time: Tuesday November 16th 2021: 11am to 11.30am

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It is imperative that business, companies and organisations take responsibility for their employees, customers and shareholders by ensuring that their investigators are competent and sufficiently qualified to undertake investigations of any kind. It is highly probable that the High Court, Crown Court, Magistrate Court, County Court or a regulator would not look favourably on unfair, unethical or illegal practices being conducted by investigators who purposely or unconsciously subvert evidence or who use disproportionate and intrusive investigation tactics. This can and will result in cases being lost, costs being awarded, fines, penalties, potential imprisonment and huge reputational damage.


The webinar will discuss

  • Should investigators be required to have sufficient training and hold the approved qualifications?
  • Should investigators be required to be licensed?
  • How damaging is an incompetent investigation to an individual or organisation?
  • Reputational damage to organisations
  • What effects has Covid had on investigators and the way they work?

Who should attend

The webinar is aimed at those who operate within or manage counter fraud / investigation teams within public and private sector organisations

The package

Access to the free of charge webinar, post webinar recording and slides, blogs and further invitations to join Intelligencia’s ‘How can we’ series of blogs and webinars.

Guest Speaker: Ralph Cockburn – Senior Counter Fraud Trainer.

Ralph has spent the best part of 40 years as an investigator in both the public and private sector, he has a wealth of counter fraud experience. His early years were spent as a young constable then a detective in the Strathclyde police force; here he gained considerable experience investigating major crimes, including a 2-year period seconded to the forces Cheque & Credit Card fraud squad.

Prior to joining Intelligencia Ralph managed the AXA Insurance Field Investigation Team for a number of years, he is immensely proud of the fact that the team attained the British standard for professional investigation, BS10200, in 2016 and have retained the standard every year since. His thirst for lifelong learning and continuous personal development has driven Ralph to achieve various qualifications over the past 6 years including, Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist, a master’s degree in Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption and a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Host: Nick Atkinson – Commercial Director at Intelligencia Training.

Nick has been with Intelligencia Training since its inception, working closely with the intelligence and counter fraud communities since 2014. Nick has led the organisation to become the “go to” provider of high quality specialist apprenticeship training and staff development programmes across an ever growing number of Government agencies, public sector departments and the banking/insurance sectors.

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