International Cyber Expo 2021 to Feature Live Cyber Attack Demonstration by CrisisCast

CrisisCast in partnership with Cyber Prism will demonstrate a live cyber-attack demonstration on an eminent retail chain at this year’s International Cyber Expo. 

Award winning film makers, virtual reality producers and real-play actors specially training in disaster and crisis management, CrisisCast is scheduled to take attendees of International Cyber Expo 2021 behind the scenes to demonstrate the real-life workings of a cyber security attack. 

A highly insightful evolution of normal exhibition methods, attendees will be engaged in dialogue by both sides of a cyber-attack and witness lines of communication and defence postures as aggressive cyber hits unfold in a gripping, high-octane scenario that will extract the key human behavioural aspects of cyber security and match these with insights from the world’s greatest cyber security providers 

Set on a revolving stage at this year’s event, this cyber-attack demonstration will give attendees the opportunity to gain insight into the steps taken by hackers, the response from a boardroom under attack and the steps businesses can take to protect themselves and detect incoming threats. 

Brian Mitchell, Director, CrisisCast, commented: “We are excited to be delivering this demonstration at ICE and we have been working closely again this year with world-leading cyber security exhibitors and Nineteen Group. Incorporating a hi-tech stage and film techniques, we are delighted to give attendees the opportunity to see and understanding both the psychology and motivating factors behind a cyber-attack from two perspectives at once in real-time.”-  

The demonstration by CrisisCast will be delivered in partnership with Cyber Prism, an organisation providing SaaS solutions backed by best-in-class client services to protect Operational Technology and associated IT. 

International Cyber Expo 2021 will be hosted at Olympia, London on 28-29 September and will provide CISOs, CTOs, Managing Directors, business owners, senior Government officials and end-users a place to connect. 

CrisisCast will join International Cyber Expo 2021 alongside a range of world-leading cyber security experts.  

Registrations for International Cyber Expo 2021 are now open. 

To find out more about CrisisCast’s live cyber-attack demonstration and how to attend International Cyber Expo 2021, visit 

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