Leadership & Life Chat – Selling up is hard to do. What comes next? With business strategist, Dawn Bloomer

Studies suggest that selling your business or retiring early do not necessarily make someone happier. Dawn Bloomer, a former veterinarian turned strategic advisor, knows this all too well.

Dawn guides us through her journey after selling her successful practice and finding herself adrift – she hadn’t planned what to do next! She chats to Mark and Becky about the importance of exit plans and considering ‘what comes next’.

They talk about the accountability and logistics often over-looked in any move, and the toxic ‘workaholic’ culture that still exists despite its known impact on our wellbeing. Dawn prefers to look at work-life balance as ‘integration’.

This is a great episode for anyone looking to climb the career ladder, but who’s worried about the sacrifices they think are needed; those planning for an exit; and managers who need to better understand the implications of their teams returning after maternity, sickness or other forms of leave.

Show notes

Contact Dawn – www.productivepressure.com


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