Polar opposite

Bullet proof windscreens for military vehicles delivered to a war zone …exclusive Italian wines delivered to the LA Studios of one of the world’s biggest recording artists … An academics life’s work going to a publisher … a CEO’s favourite toothbrush sent to his holiday home … the only working prototype in the world of a life changing medical device …

Just some of the items delivered by this extraordinary courier company!

… and how about a 110 year old stuffed penguin (captured on one of the first Polar surveys)?

This, however, is not the only way in which this company is the polar opposite of their competition …

Local company, global deliveries

A very familiar sight around the Cambridge area for 20 years, you’ll see their distinctive vehicles visiting the colleges and all the Science and Business Parks daily.

Yet this Cambridge company also delivers items to the furthest reaches of the globe, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and almost everywhere in-between.

“We specialise in delivering things other couriers don’t, won’t or can’t move,” explains founder Graham Lloyd. “We’re a genuine one-stop shop for absolutely anything going absolutely anywhere. Many of our competitors focus on shifting high volumes of boxes… we concentrate on service and couriering items others don’t.”

Jag Express offers specialist services including dry ice and medical deliveries, hazardous goods, exhibition deliveries, freight, same-day courier, UK overnight and worldwide courier services. Their in-depth knowledge of the import and export requirements of countries around the globe, ensures their deliveries go smoothly.

Founded almost twenty years ago, one of their greatest achievements is that as a small, independent company, their reputation has put them on the global stage with customers in the medical, R&D and University fields around the world

People at the heart

“Providing a personal service is the focus of our work,” explains Graham. “My wife and I noticed
a gap in the market for a courier company that put customers first. At the time, most companies in
the industry had a pretty poor reputation for customer service and that’s where we were determined to do things differently. Ease of use was another priority, and we were one of the first logistics companies to set up a website back in 2001, making it simple and straightforward to book and track deliveries online.

“I often spend one day a month driving a van, collecting and making deliveries. It’s one of the ways I stay in touch with our customers and listen to their feedback. We never assume tomorrow will be like today – that’s what makes our jobs so interesting. Today, we work with companies of all sizes from start-ups to SMEs and multinational Corporations.”

Part of your business’s success

Aware of the key role they play in the success of their customers’ businesses, the Jag Express team is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. You’ll find the benefits of using an experienced, independent courier company, such as they are, range from the personal service you’ll receive to the efficiency, security, peace of mind, value for money and convenience.

It will come as no surprise that their second ever customer remains a customer today, having grown from a six-person start-up in the Chesterford Research Park to a global company worth over a billion dollars.

The loyalty of their customer base speaks volumes about the quality of their service, as does their ISO 9001:2015 Quality accreditation.

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