Suffolk charity announces return of business summit on men’s mental health

MANUP? has organised ‘ROI on mental health’ for local employers this summer.

The event, for Suffolk business leaders, is being held on Friday 7 June 2024 between 2pm to 5pm, at King’s Street Cinema in Ipswich Corn Exchange.

Hosted by BBC Radio Suffolk’s Wayne Bavin, five guest speakers will offer their own perspectives on the role that employees’ mental health plays in business success.

With men three times more likely to take their own life than women1, MANUP? champions a change of outlook towards men’s mental health.

The charity was founded by Dan Somers after the death of Keith Lint, The Prodigy frontman. Having known Keith and reflected on how many men’s funerals he had attended, he launched MANUP?

Dan explains, “We are absolutely committed to ensuring men everywhere break the cycle and no longer suffer in silence. At MANUP? we raise awareness, start discussions, and highlight what people can do to improve their mental wellbeing or how they treat other people, and tackle mental health issues before they become a problem.

“At ‘ROI on mental health’, we are working to empower Suffolk employers with the knowledge and tools to do the very best by their teams. We are proud to have secured some impressive speakers for our 2024 event.

“Through this event, we have the potential to improve the lives of thousands of people (not just men) across the region and beyond, by upskilling employers and helping them understand how their moral responsibilities to their employees goes hand-in-hand with cultivating a strong and successful business.”

Guests at the June event will be shown tools and case studies that weave positive mental wellbeing into the workplace, and invited to participate in conversation that aims to reshape mental health in the business landscape.

Speakers include:

  • Graham Mummery (Larkin Gowan): Advocating for staff well-being, Graham brings financial expertise into the workplace mental health discussions.
  • Fiona Ellis OBE (Survivors in Transition): A charity aiding sexual abuse survivors, Fiona will share their approach to fostering a supportive and content team environment.
  • Andy Smith (StrategiQ): Andy will lead discussions on mental health resilience and the importance of staff welfare.
  • Kirsty Birch (WorkitWell): Unveiling effective strategies for embedding mental well-being into the fabric of corporate life, Kirsty will help demonstrate the alignment of mental health initiatives with business success.
  • Ian Dempsey (The Money Man/MANUP? Trustee): Ian will detail how a focus on mental health can cultivate financial growth and a competitive edge in business.
  • Wayne Bavin (BBC Radio Suffolk): Popular broadcaster Wayne will guide attendees through a journey of mental health enlightenment and actionable knowledge.

Dan adds: “MANUP? offers therapy support, extended mental health support lines, community aid, mental health training and rehab aid, among others. We have empowered numerous individuals through these initiatives, and helped organisations to reduce sickness and turnover rates through a deeper understanding of mental health.”

“I am incredibly proud of our journey so far. From our roots in reshaping conversations around men’s mental health, we have evolved into a force driving meaningful change in corporate wellness initiatives.

“Our goal is simply to show that mental health in the workplace does not have to be complicated. We look forward to welcoming diverse teams to the event in June, where together, we will advance the dialogue and impact of mental health in the workplace.”

Attendees for MANUP?s ‘ROI on mental health’ must register in advance for a free ticket. More details here. 

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