Theme announced for SNS2020, EEEGR’s annual flagship conference and exhibition: Smart generation – the transition to 2050.

The energy sector is undergoing a seismic shift as it reacts to the UK Government’s plans to be a net zero producer of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

With this in mind, SNS2020 will showcase presentations, speeches, meet the buyer sessions and workshops from industry leaders on the decarbonisation of the energy sector.

Simon Gray CEO East of England Energy Group, outlines why this theme was the obvious choice for SNS2020:

“This ambitious target will have far-reaching consequences for energy producers, long-term investment plans, supply chain engagement and the skills required for the next generation of energy producers. At SNS2020, we’re asking what effect these changes will have in the East of England, nationally and in the global energy markets.

As public opinion converges on the importance of decarbonisation, we are at a pivotal moment where real change is coming. With the East of England’s diverse energy mix, this region is at the very heart of these challenges – we will be spearheading the transition.”

On April 22nd and 23rd at the Norfolk Showground Arena, SNS2020 will showcase the latest developments and insights from leading businesses, politicians, industry leaders and futurologists as well as energy producers, their supply chain, skills providers, stakeholders and financial institutions.

For over fifty years, the East of England has been a volume producer of nuclear power and offshore gas. Over 50% of the entire UK’s offshore wind capacity is now installed off the East Anglian coast, cementing its place as a cornerstone of the UK’s energy networks for the next fifty years. This also puts the East of England at the heart of the solution to decarbonisation by 2050.

Decisions made following SNS2020 will have far-reaching consequences to the energy transition process for producers and the supply chain at large. The value of the East of England’s energy sector is estimated to reach £59.4bn by 2040i. Tackling the challenges of decarbonisation head on whilst nurturing this valuable contributor to the UK economy requires fresh approaches and new technologies.

SNS2020’s speakers will be examining the potential for advances in the Southern North Sea gas basin, looking at opportunities including tight gas, gas-to-wire, power-to-gas and platform electrification. Also being investigated will be; possibilities for brown, blue and green hydrogen production, carbon capture and storage, the role of nuclear generation and the prospects for new nuclear projects in the region. With collaboration at the forefront, how can these sectors work together; are there economies of scale and can supply chains diversify to support these emerging technologies?

These questions and their solutions will be accompanied by passionate debate, industry presentations, panel sessions, workshops, breakout gatherings and one-to-one meet the buyer opportunities. SNS2020 will be the pivotal conference and exhibition for businesses leaders mapping the road to 2050 and its impact on their businesses and lives.

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