Virtual Training Launched to Sustain Intelligence and Security Professionalisation

Intqual-pro has launched a new series of virtual training programmes to support continued professionalisation across the intelligence, cyber and safeguarding communities.

As organisations continue to operate remotely due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Intqual-pro, a global leader in the delivery of intelligence and security training, has adapted the delivery of their programmes to allow those across the communities the opportunity to achieve high-quality, role relevant training in a socially distant learning environment.

The launch of virtual training in these fields has been important to ensure intelligence and security professionals can continue to develop the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in their role, whilst in-person training programmes remain on hold.

Intqual-pro have recently announced dates for their Intelligence Operations, Intelligence Management and Internet Research & Investigation programmes, as well as new course in the application of a Virtual Machine for Research & Investigation.

Commenting on the new Virtual Machine course, Mark Burton, Director of Operations at Intqual-pro, said: “This programme has evolved as a result of multiple client’s feedback from our Internet Research course.  The ever increasing need to have a platform that can be used for a single line of enquiry and provide an audit trail for research and investigation will provide utility, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of an analyst’s work.  Much time and effort have gone into producing a programme that shows how a suitable virtual machine, an appropriate browser and a number of relevant tools can be put together to meet an organisation’s requirements when using online resources.  The aim is post attendance, delegates will have a functioning virtual machine, operating system with a number of tools relevant to their role installed and running. There is the added benefit of quarterly catch-up workshops where delegates can share experiences, successes and be bought up to date regarding latest applications and updates to current tools.”

Delegates attending the virtual training courses can expect to gain parity of skills with those in similar roles throughout high-profile organisations from both public and private sectors.

The programmes delivered by Intqual-pro represent some of the UK’s leading and first vocational qualifications in their specialist fields. These include: The Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations, which quickly became the UK’s leading vocational qualification in Intelligence Analysis; the Level 3 Internet Research & Investigation, which was the first recognised qualification within this discipline; and the Level 6 Diploma in Intelligence Management, the first Level 6 qualification specific to Intelligence Managers that can be achieved outside of a university setting.

Current and ex-serving military personnel have also been invited to join Intqual-pro’s virtual training series using their ELCAS credits, following the training providers recent approval to join the Ministry of Defence’s Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme.

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