What are the benefits of becoming a Mental Health First-Aider?

With a designated Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) representative, organisations are better equipped to engage with employees suffering from mental ill-health, explains Intqual-pro.

Over recent years the topic of mental health awareness has hit media headlines. According to UK statistics, 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental ill-health each year and 1 in 3 of the UK workforce will be diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime.

However, despite the alarming statistics, the average wait time for effective treatment is a staggering 10 years and almost one-third of mental health disorders go undiagnosed.

Employers taking action

Many employers have recognised the important role they can play in supporting those in their organisation with mental-ill health.

Health and wellbeing is a fundamental part of a successful organisational culture and with 61% of employees reporting that work was a related factor in their mental health diagnoses, it is essential for employers to treat mental health just as important as physical health.

Benefits of MHFA

Mental Health First Aid training is designed to ensure an organisation has people capable of engaging with those with potential mental health conditions. MHFA representatives will have the knowledge and competence to identify signs of mental ill-health early and offer appropriate support prior to professional help.

The training course provides:

  • Clarity of mental health and wellbeing considerations that affect people in the workplace
  • Ability to link mental health to existing safeguarding considerations and strategy
  • Confidence to act appropriately having identified individuals with mental health conditions
  • Ability to seek appropriate external support for mental health conditions
  • Appreciation of growing safeguarding issues and link between cyber space and mental health
  • A UK approved, OFQUAL regulated qualification as proof of knowledge and competence

Delivery of MHFA

Mental Health First Aid training is delivered in a traditional classroom environment, however, the course utilises innovative methods such as role-play exercises, film-based resources and live actors to encourage durable learning.

MHFA training takes place over one day and can be structured to meet specific individual, organisational or industry needs.

Upcoming open courses

Course: Mental Health First Aid (Delivered by Intqual-pro)

Date: 12th February 2020

Location: Central London

To register and secure your space at this course, email wellbeing@intqual-pro.com.

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