Camsafe provides an innovative and unique solution to detect water leaks, saving clients thousands

Artios Pharma, a major pharmaceutical research and development company based in Cambridge, recently required Cam Safe’s assistance with an emergency problem. A lab appliance sprung a leak, bypassing their building management system and causing thousands of pounds in damage. An urgent solution was needed to prevent a repeat incident, which could have led to further operational pauses and revenue loss.

Instead of specifying the solution needed, the client sought Cam Safe’s expertise. Drawing on their experience, Cam Safe designed a flood detection and alarm system for high-risk areas. This system not only detects water but also notifies the team and automatically shuts off water locally in the event of a leak.

Cam Safe achieved this by installing flood sensors in key areas and linking them to a new control panel. Upon detecting water, the panel triggers a local alarm and sends notifications via a smartphone app or a 24/7 monitoring station through dual path monitoring. The control panel can further minimise damage by closing solenoid valves installed in the water supply area.

These systems enable the site team to respond quickly to future incidents and isolate the water supply until repairs are made.

The new system was installed just in time. The night after installation, it detected a water leak from a small appliance in the washup area, which had gone unnoticed due to obstructions.

Cam Safe’s flood detection and alarm systems highlight issues before they escalate, emphasising the value of preventative maintenance over emergency repairs.

Cam Safe was glad to assist Artios Pharma in solving its problem and ensuring higher standards of monitoring and protection for their vital systems.

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