Burley signs up for club president

Former Ipswich Town FC player and manager George Burley has been appointed club president at Ipswich Sports Club.

With his close links to the area spanning back over 50 years, the club says George’s “deep connection to Suffolk and his passion for sports make him an exceptional choice for this prestigious role.”

George, who was born in Scotland, has lived in Suffolk since 1971. In a statement the club – a centre for excellence in hockey, tennis and squash – says, “His new role gives him a pivotal role as a symbol of the club’s values and mission. His leadership will guide the club’s efforts in community outreach for all demographics and the nurturing of emerging elite sports talents.

George adds, “Ipswich Sport Club holds a special place in my heart, and I am truly honoured to take on the role of Club President. This club has been an integral part of my journey, and I am excited to contribute to its ongoing growth and success. As we embark on this journey of transformation and community engagement, I look forward to fostering a culture of excellence and camaraderie.”

General manager Chris Grimwood says, “George Burley’s appointment as Club President marks a significant moment in our history. His unparalleled dedication and unwavering passion for sports align seamlessly with our vision for the future. We believe his leadership will not only inspire our athletes but also elevate our community engagement initiatives, helping us create a positive impact in the lives of many both locally and nationally.”

The role will see George serve as an ambassador, actively participating in events and endorsing initiatives that align with the club’s vision. 

The club is currently undergoing a large-scale transformation, marked by a fresh brand identity, refurbishment, family-oriented outdoor areas, and the introduction of new Padel courts (a mix between tennis and squash), making the Club one of the few offering this facility. 

The Club also nurtures new talent in hockey, tennis and squash. As a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), it operates in a manner similar to a charity, relying on sponsors and members to sustain its operations and community initiatives. All funds generated are reinvested to enhance the club’s facilities, support athletes, and expand community engagement efforts.

George hosted his first event at the Sports Club in September for local businesses who may be members or want to get involved in the club.

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