New Head of Vibes pulls in 10m online views

When building a team, is it safer to take a risk on an existing employee or advertise externally?

Suffolk-based coffee company, Paddy & Scott’s, took a chance on promoting one of its valued team members, Chloe Harvey, and the result has been 10 million views on TikTok within six months.

Chloe Harvey joined the brand over four years ago as a Barista Trainer. Her love for coffee was equally balanced by her drive to produce that perfect brew and teach others to do the same.

However, as with many roles, she hit a plateau, and rather than becoming complacent or jumping ship, she approached CEO Jonathan Reed of Paddy & Scott’s to seek out any opportunities that could diversify her role and carve out a new career plan.

Several months later, the role of Head of Vibes was born.

Chloe’s initial focus as a content creator was TikTok, a platform the brand had not been active on previously. Chloe has proven that if you focus, have passion, and drive, this cocktail can be enough to make anything possible – 10 million views speak volumes.

Chloe’s current role has expanded to cover Instagram for Paddy & Scott’s to increase its reach, gain followers, and spread the feel-good vibes.

Unlike other companies, Paddy & Scott’s has a unique way of hiring new recruits and retaining existing team members. It believes that building a role around a talented person who has a positive mindset, lots of passion and drive, but perhaps not all of the skills required, is a far better approach than losing good people.

CEO Jonathan Reed from Paddy & Scott’s says, “Just imagine giving team members the ability to craft their own role, doing something that they love and something that helps grow the company?

“Too many companies have an archaic approach to the recruitment process, employing people and then later discovering they weren’t necessarily a good fit for their organisation. The right people in the right environment will thrive and pave the way for success.”

Chloe Harvey, Head of Vibes at Paddy & Scotts, adds, “If you’re bored of your job role but not the company you work for, ask them to trust you to rebrand yourself in a different sector. Then prove to them it was worth the risk.”

Employers can often dismiss good people; sometimes, the net doesn’t need casting as far as you think.

TikTok / Insta @paddyandscotts

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