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Elizabeth Whitehead is an experienced specialist Employment Solicitor with 20 years experience in advising on all aspects of Employment Law.

Employment law is increasingly complicated, with potential claims arising from the date the advertisement is placed. In order to avoid claims employers need to take legal advice before problems arise. The Employment Contract is a legal requirement, but additional Policies and Procedures help to protect Employers. Your employees must read, understand and comply with them. This is important because the Company is liable not only for the actions of its Directors but also for all its employees. 

Once your employees understand that failure to comply with their own contractual obligations, including avoiding banter and discriminatory remarks which may cause offence to another employee could result in disciplinary proceedings, then you also need to know how to follow a fair disciplinary and grievance procedure.

Dealing with grievances promptly and fairly may prevent claims for sexual harassment and a raft of discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal claims, all of which could have a devastating impact on the financial viability of a small company. 

Other problem areas include dismissing employees on long term sick leave, redundancy and incapacity. 

For peace of mind, give me a call, and I will talk you through the processes to follow in order to avoid Employment Tribunal Claims that could have disastrous consequences for your Company. 

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