So, what do we do, exactly?

Our approach rests on three key principles: Space to Grow, Business Insight and Connected Community.

Across our sites in Norfolk we provide the tools to help businesses of any size, from the smallest of startups to the more established enterprises, to thrive. Whether you require physical working space, virtual working space, or even storage space – we are happy to oblige!

That being said, at Hethel Innovation, we are far more than just office spaces to rent – we are also a nurturing business community! As well as sharing space, we also share knowledge. In order to bring the best out of our members and help them reach their full potential, we offer a range of training and workshop opportunities through our experienced Business Development team. From Product Design Sprints to Agile Project Management, we have the expertise and resources to accelerate the growth of your business.

We also believe that our members, and our wider business community in the East Anglia region are among our finest assets. By opening our doors to the best and brightest businesses in the region we become the catalyst for collaboration and enable true out of the box thinking.

Space to Grow

One of our key offerings is providing businesses space to grow, meaning we provide them with the right environment and support that they need to be successful. We believe in offering businesses flexible space at our sites, and so offer a range of options depending on what is the right fit, be it virtual tenancy, hot-desking, office, or workshop space.

We manage two of the most exciting business sites in East Anglia – Hethel Engineering Centre and Scottow Enterprise Park, which collectively are home to over 100 businesses.

Over the years, we’ve provided businesses such as Equipmake, Ansible Motion, and Gravitilab with the support and incubation they needed to become some of the most exciting businesses we have in the East of England.

Business Insight

Our Business Development team at Hethel Innovation are here to support your business with whatever you need to address any challenges you may be facing.

Since 2012, we have supported over 600 businesses in East Anglia through our bespoke advice and guidance. We take pride in offering bespoke support to each organisation we interact with, and our experienced team are able to provide impartial advice and feedback on a variety of topics, be it marketing, product development, or even starting a new business.

Our dedicated Business Development team work with businesses to understand any challenges they have and provide creative problem solving, insight and advice from our inhouse advisors and network of technical experts/consultants to solve these challenges.

Connected Communities

When you’re part of the Hethel community, you’ll always be surrounded by like-minded organisations. We bring together the skills, resources, and ideas of this community to work towards shared goals, and aim to support collaboration both within the region, and further afield, connecting our growing network of members with exciting opportunities.

If you’re a local business and want to connect with other businesses in the region, you’ll be happy to know we incubate 40+ businesses in Hethel Engineering Centre and over 100 up at Scottow – and the numbers keep rising! We like to think our sites provide the bridge needed to create great relationships between businesses.

That being said, our community reaches beyond our sites! As things are slowly returning to normal in the world, we’re getting back to actual face-to-face events and networking for businesses across the region!